X-Alps Skills Camp (english)

bring your X-Alps technique up to date

Leider schon vorbei. Wir freuen uns, wenn du beim nächsten Mal dabei bist.


You dream of even longer flights and big adventures – you already have experience in thermal flying and have often flown away from your home site.

You would like to bring your X-Alps technique up to date under the personal guidance of Steve Bramfitt. You are looking for a competent and safety-conscious organisaton in which you can improve, and learn the latest flying techniques in a professional environment.

Chill Out offers you the latest high-performance hike & fly know-how at the Chill Out X-Alps Skills Camp, which will take you another step towards a champion’s excellence.

Questions that often concern me

How do I land safely on a slope? How do I pack my equipment efficiently? How do I manage critical decision points? How do I plan in detail? When is it worth flying or when is it better to run? How do I take off safely, when and where?

In the Chill Out X-Alps Skills Camp you will benefit from

  • personal check of cross country equipment
  • general flying and route planning
  • individual X-Alps tactics
  • correct assessment of weather data on the road: best glide in turbulent air, efficient accelerating,
  • efficient thermaling
  • optimising mental state in flight
  • X-Alps takeoff technique
  • X-Alps landing technique
  • efficient packing
  • risk management
  • a relaxed attitude
  • unforgettable experiences, which will also help you in everyday life

Ideal camp joining experience

  • Paragliding licence
  • Safe takeoff and landing techniques in difficult terrain
  • Experience of turbulent air
  • Experienced thermaling pilot with regular thermal flights of over 1½ hrs
  • Basic reverse pull-up technique
  • Several XC flights of 30km+


So as to be in the right place at the right time we fly in the whole of the Berner Oberland. Start point each day is the Chill Out Base in Interlaken.


You can organise your own accommodation at Rugenparkstrasse 9 near the Chill Out Base in Interlaken. We recommend that you travel here by train because parking in Interlaken is usually limited.

Chill Out Flying Guarantee

The camp will go ahead if the weather forecast predicts flying on two of the three course days.


Steve Bramfitt: X-Alps rookie, professional tandem pilot, XC specialist and adventurer


The price includes theory, briefing & de-briefing and individual coaching. Accommodation/meals and train transport are not included in the price.


Your registration is binding. We recommend cancellation insurance.


Anmeldung nicht mehr möglich, leider schon vorbei. Wir freuen uns, wenn du beim nächsten Mal dabei bist.