Swiss Speedriding Week 2020

Speedride a full week in the Swiss Alps

Leider schon vorbei. Wir freuen uns, wenn du beim nächsten Mal dabei bist.

Swiss Speedriding Week 2020 (only for already signed up pilots)

A full week of speedriding from 16 – .22.02.2020 in the best places in Switzerland with speedflying & paragliding expert Beni Kälin ( and SWING speedflying factory pilot & coach Friedemann Flache (
If you want to progress in your speedriding/-flying, get to know new exciting speedriding spots and share the passion with others, this week is for you! This is also a great opportunity to legally speedride in Switzerland without needing the obligatory Swiss speedflying license, as Beni is a BAZL Speedflying Expert.

For this week we are based in Interlaken and choose the location depending on wind and weather, so we get to speedride every day. Interlaken is in the heart of Switzerland and we can reach most of the best speedriding resorts in Switzerland within 30 min to 1.5 hour drive in our Chill Out van. (Schilthorn, Lauchernalp, Hasliberg, Sörenberg, Lenk, Männlichen, Engelberg-Titlis, and more). But this week is more than just flying together! We want to work with you on your skills and progress as much as possible. We will coach everyone on his own level to get you safely further in this awesome sport.

We will work on the following topics during the camp:

  • Take off technique: forward-lauch, french-style, cobra-launch
  • Landing technique
  • Touch and go’s
  • Proximity flying
  • Riding with the wing, learning to stay on the ground
  • Safe barrel rolls
  • Kiting and soaring in strong winds
  • Speedriding conditions check
  • Flight planing
  • Equipment know how from test pilots

This week is NOT for complete Speedriding/-flying beginners:
• You do not need to have the Swiss speedflying licence, but you need to have at least 1 week experience in speedriding!
• You should be able to ski parallel on red slopes and offpiste
• Pilots that already have a IPPI 4 Paragliding licence, will get the Swiss speedflying licence after that week, which allows you to legally speedride and speedfly in Switzerland.

Official course language is english. But we also speak french and germain. All Nations are more than welcome.
We will also have the latest Speedflying gear as demo to fly and test! Renting speedflying and skiing gear is no problem and can be arranged.

Costs for 7 days guiding + instructions: CHF 1145.-

What’s not included
  • Skipass
  • Food and drinks
  • Accomodation
  • Gear rent (90.- / day)

Beni Kälin und Friedemann Flache, Chill Out Team



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