Swiss Speedflying Week 2020

1175 CHF

freie Plätze

An awesome week speedflying

Are you thinking of starting speedflying? But you don’t know how to start? Are you looking for a proffessional and safe start into the sport of speedflying? Then the speedflying week is the right course for  you. We don’t mind if you are a paraglider pilot or active skydiver – you are more than welcome at our beginner course as long as you have some airsports experience. If you are not a speedflying beginner anymore, you are still welcome to join, there are always things to learn. We will coach everyone on his own level and help you progress as much as safely posssible. Plus you get to know a lot new fun flying sites and new lines.

With the Chill Out van we drive to a new speedflying site nearly every day and give you a proper introduction to all those places. In the 2018 speedflying week, we fly from 10 diffrent mountains and did 40-50 flights in a week… From Interlaken we can reach many great speedflying sites in less then 1.5 hours drive. Thats why we base ourself in the Adventure capital of Switzerland. The Swiss people that wanna drive home every night are welcome to do so. You don’t have to stay in Interlaken. But expect us to leave as early as 7.30 from Interlaken, so we can speedfly bevore it gets bumpy.

We will do a few short theorie lessons in the chill out base to also understand the theoretical background of speedflying. Some topics we talk about are: speedflying technics, rules, safety, equipment, weather, conditions check, site evaluation and all of your questions of course!

Official course language is english. If you didn’t get everything ask and we can explain in swiss german, german and french.

For those pilots that have an IPPI 4 Paragliding Licence (Schweizer Brevet, Deutscher & Österreichischer A / B Schein) they can get the official swiss speedflying licence after this course. If you only have IPPI 1/2/3 it not possible to get a licence. You can still join the course and speedfly legaly in this week, but you can’t get any licence until you have IPPI 4.

In this week we will also have the latest speedflying gear to test.

This course will only be held with more than 8 pilots (max 12 pilots due to our limited bus capacity) So better be fast and sign up early. As it is a full week, we will run it for sure, also when the weather forcast doens’t look great. Beni will nearly always find a place to fly…

What’s included
  • Coaching from Beni Kälin and Friedemann Flache
  • Transport in the chill out van
What’s not included
  • Food and drinks
  • Accomodation
  • Gear rent (90.- /day for wing and harness. Wing only 70.-)
  • Cable car and train tickets

We will arrange one or two big AirBnB Flats for all participants, so you get to stay together. If you prefer to stay alone, let us know. Price of the apartment will be shared by all pilots living in there.


400 skydives or 100 paragliding flights

Course leader

Beni Kälin and Friedemann Flache

Chill Out Team